What About Transfer Applicants!?!?!?

What About Transfer Applicants!?!?!?

We know a great deal of our transfer applicants are anxiously waiting for decisions and many have the questions that are same! We hear you and hope this FAQ will assist as you wait to listen to from us.

When will we find my decision out?

All transfer pupils who placed on USC for fall 2015 admission will be notified of either a determination, or a request for more information by June 1. We are in the procedure for making choices, so some pupils have heard back from us even though many have not. Just because you have not heard from our office yet does not always mean it is good or bad news you can find still a couple weeks until June 1 and we are making our way through all the applications.

What does a Spring Grade Request mean?
For some students, we aren’twas able to make a decision with all the information we actually have. We may request to see your final spring grades to help us in making a decision. If you received a spring grade request, please send us your grades as soon because they are available. Different schools complete at different occuring times, so that the faster you’ll send us your grades, the faster we are able to get an admission decision back.

Our company is mindful that lots of semester system schools finish in May and quarter that is many in June. Our admission counselors are aware of this timeline, and we shall be accommodating to each individual school, but once more, do not delay in delivering us your grades wh Continue reading “What About Transfer Applicants!?!?!?”

Scratching the Surface of $5 Million Alleged Lottery Scam

Scratching the Surface of $5 Million Alleged Lottery Scam

Online publication Syracuse.com has reported a so-called lottery ticket fraudulence in ny’tain’tSyracuse area dating back to 2006, that involves two brothers from central New York who claimed a $5 million lottery ticket sold at their family’tain’tconvenience store. Subsequently, they’ve been accused of scamming the winner out of his scratchcard winnings.

Now Being Charged

Second-degree attempted larceny that is grand fourth-degree conspiracy fees are now actually being filed against 36-year-old Nayel Ashkar and Andy Ashkar, aged 34, who may have also been charged with first-degree criminal possession of stolen home.

Following reports to a Syracuse newspaper by suspicious lottery security officials trying to find the true winner of this prize, the legitimate buyer and owner for the lottery scratch-off arrived ahead and was revealed as a daddy of two, aged 49, who had previously been duped by the brothers into giving up the winning ticket whenever he visited the Ashkar’tain’tconvenience store in October 2006 to cash it in.

That it was a prize of $5,000 which he would be claiming, despite being told by a friend that it was in fact a $5 million jackpot whether it was a silly mistake, or just sheer disbelief, the true winner of the ticket originally thought. He had been told by Andy Ashkar, upon trying to money in the ticket, he foolishly accepted that it was just a $5,000 prize and was offered $4,000 in cash from Ashkar in order to av Continue reading “Scratching the Surface of $5 Million Alleged Lottery Scam”