Scratching the Surface of $5 Million Alleged Lottery Scam

Scratching the Surface of $5 Million Alleged Lottery Scam

Online publication has reported a so-called lottery ticket fraudulence in ny’tain’tSyracuse area dating back to 2006, that involves two brothers from central New York who claimed a $5 million lottery ticket sold at their family’tain’tconvenience store. Subsequently, they’ve been accused of scamming the winner out of his scratchcard winnings.

Now Being Charged

Second-degree attempted larceny that is grand fourth-degree conspiracy fees are now actually being filed against 36-year-old Nayel Ashkar and Andy Ashkar, aged 34, who may have also been charged with first-degree criminal possession of stolen home.

Following reports to a Syracuse newspaper by suspicious lottery security officials trying to find the true winner of this prize, the legitimate buyer and owner for the lottery scratch-off arrived ahead and was revealed as a daddy of two, aged 49, who had previously been duped by the brothers into giving up the winning ticket whenever he visited the Ashkar’tain’tconvenience store in October 2006 to cash it in.

That it was a prize of $5,000 which he would be claiming, despite being told by a friend that it was in fact a $5 million jackpot whether it was a silly mistake, or just sheer disbelief, the true winner of the ticket originally thought. He had been told by Andy Ashkar, upon trying to money in the ticket, he foolishly accepted that it was just a $5,000 prize and was offered $4,000 in cash from Ashkar in order to avoid paying tax on the winnings, an offer.

Fast Forward to Today

Five years later, after waiting patiently to cash the ticket in for its full worth, the brothers approached the lottery officials and stated that they had delayed gathering their winnings in order to avoid influencing upcoming family nuptials.

Luckily for the winner that is true it is routine for the lottery to scrutinize large wins, and upon doing so, safety officials became suspicious of the brothers who had told them to prevent publicity, they were prepared to accept a smaller award than the $5 million the ticket entitled them to. As a result, local police were called in, and the subsequent investigation revealed the true owner.

Nonetheless, the Ashkar brothers have pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against them, and their legal agent claims that they purchased, and will be the rightful owners of, the winning lottery admission which would have seen them pocket the winnings in installments of $250,000 per year during the period of two decades.

Judge and Jury

The brothers have elected for the judge to rule on their case, instead than a jury, as the winner is presently pushing charges against the Ashkars.

‘ I feel much better having it in the tactile hands of somebody that is trained legitimately, who understands the legislation and learn how to apply the legislation,’ explained one of many brothers’ protection solicitors. ‘Everything is going to be based upon the facts, and maybe not on emotion. Juries tend to get results on emotion, and everyone on a jury in this case would have a predisposition,’ the attorney added.

Although we can’twas condone the actions of the Ashkar brothers who, presumably, saw a chance to become millionaires at the cost of a gullible scratchcard player, there is just so much sympathy we can share with the duped guy whom was essentially attempting to evade national tax laws. Perhaps this will be an action which can be revisited later if the full case falls in his favor.

Moral of the story: Keep your lottery tickets, and pay your taxes. Goes Live Online for Nevada Players

It is a brand new day; online legal poker is kicking down today for Nevada players. After nearly two years of wanting to turn online poker into an entity that is legitimate appears like channels Casinos-owned UltimatePoker gets to go straight down in the real history books since the first anyone to launch.

Of course, as advertised, you need to have an IP target that traces to Nevada, at the very least until interstate compacts get identified, which we can pretty much guarantee will happen in the not-too-distant future. Today’tain’tlaunch is already ahead of exactly what some of the big players, like Caesars, had been predicting; most had been suggesting September as the first trial period for legal on-line poker to come to fruition.

Test Period

Final week, state gaming authorities reviewed and signed off on UltimatePoker’tain’ttechnology, and gave Stations the high indication to move forward with a test period launch. The company received its gaming that is interactive license October.

The new site that is legal real time today with offerings of both limit and no limitation hold’em, sufficient reason for a variety of single-table cash games, sit n’ go tournaments, and multi-table tournaments. We picture a bunch that is whole of huddling together, heads bowed, praying to the poker gods, ‘Please don’twas crash, do not crash!’

All Levels

Looks like the bucks games are designed to attract neophytes as well as seasoned professionals; we’re hearing buy-ins will consist of pennies up to $100. put simply, no major money are going to be on the line online until they make sure it’tain’tall systems go. In an (under)statement, UltimatePoker’tain’tchairman Tom Breitling told the press that ’twashis is an important time for the video gaming industry. We’re 1st, not just in Nevada, but in America, to offer real-money poker in a regulated environment.’

Breitling continued to say that Nevada’tain’texisting and highly managed gaming that is land-based should allay any concerns that players may have about game safety and security. But needless to say, moving those tight structures to an environment that is igaming pose many new challenges.

Game On

To date, Nevada poker players can sign up online, deposit cash, and then cash out their winnings at any of Station Casinos’ 16 locations in Southern Nevada. Apparently, if you are now living in Reno, you’re going to be driving down to Vegas if you want your hard earned money. Meanwhile, poker players who reside outside the state, but are planning a trip, can still signal up, deposit cash, and then play on a Nevada-based computer once they arrive. Brilliant timing there, with World Series of Poker just around the corner. Hope the ROW ( rest of the global world) players don’twas forget to cash out before they return to Stockholm, though.

Ultimate Gaming, the ongoing company that developed the technology which will be in use for the launch web site, knows what’tain’tat stake here. ‘The technology was acquired and initially developed by a completely clean regulatory profile, said Ultimate Gaming’tain’tCEO Tobin Prior. (There’tain’ta ‘no priors’ laugh in there). ‘Being the first to launch is an honor, but it also includes a big responsibility. Everybody else shall be viewing us.’

He’tain’tgot that right. Players, and the IRS. Welcome to the Brave New World; now shuffle up, deal, also remember to file your W-2Gs.

Think Your Job’tain’tTough? Try Being Nevada’tain’t New Online Gaming Commissioner

As Day One of’tain’tLegal online poker wraps up in Nevada the first of the racing U.S. states to get ‘er done (with New Jersey panting and out of breath now, we’re sure) you can bet that Las Vegas attorney John Moran, Jr. is relieved and exhausted. He’tain’tthe guy who’tain’tbeen the lead commissioner in the Silver State’tain’tpush to have interactive gaming alive and kicking and from the drawing boards, as well as the guy that will be overseeing drafted legislation for ensuing interstate compacts, most likely with California and brand New Jersey, for beginners, anyway. And in a field as uncharted as the crazy West was when Lewis and Clark moved you can bet this isn’twas a gig for the faint of heart into it.

Sandoval Signed Interstate Law

As Nevada and New Jersey raced towards what looked it was John Moran, Jr. who was making sure all the i’tain’twere dotted and t’tain’tcrossed properly like it could be a photo finish to be the first to get online poker up and running legally in America, and as Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval made sure that Assembly Bill 114 was going to pass authorizing legislation that made Internet gaming this side of the law and will enable Nevada to sign on players from other U.S. states eventually.

It’tain’tMoran’tain’tjob to authorize or reject gaming that is online with other states for the governor. And it’tain’tnever ever been done prior to; talk about a frontier that is new. ‘When the Legislature adopts new policy, it’tain’tup to the Gaming Commission to offer the details through regulations,’ said Nevada Gaming Commission Chairman Peter Bernhard. ‘I usually assign a lead commissioner to function using the Gaming Control Board staff, the [state] Attorney General’tain’tworkplace, and other commissioners to draft regulations, that are evaluated by the industry as well as in public hearings.’

So there you have Moran’tain’twork description in a nutshell. We wish he’tain’tgot their alcohol cabinet well-stocked with Jim Beam for the months ahead.

‘Interstate compacts with states are pretty prevalent,’ noted Moran about his assignments. ‘We’ve had agreements for water and power use among states in the Colorado River basin as well as a worldwide compact with Mexico. But this is going to be precedent-setting, as it shall be the first one for interstate agreements for gaming.’

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